Matrimonial Law

Our Goal

To resolve as many issues as possible without litigation in order to minimize adverse economic impact on clients.

What We Do

In addition to the typical matters of alimony, custody, child support, visitation and basic asset distribution, we assist clients with the additional specialized matters that arise in divorce litigation and family law situations, including:

  • Structuring financial settlements to take advantage of relevant income tax laws to maximize benefits to both parties
  • Valuing business assets and pension plans
  • Preparing Qualified Domestic Relations Orders to transfer pension and retirement assets without negative tax implications
  • Specialized litigation concerns relating to spouses of US Armed Services personnel
  • Obtaining temporary restraining orders to prevent one party from wasting or dissipating marital assets
  • Enforcing orders for spousal and child support.
  • Separation and Pre-Nuptial Agreements
  • Divorce mediation

Your Resolution is our Business: We strive to address these very personal and difficult matters with a concerned approach that keeps costs in mind. In addition to protecting the rights of our clients, our related focus is on completing the divorce process as quickly as possible, so that clients can move on with their lives.