Tax Planning

Our attorneys can help both individuals and businesses navigate the many tax situations that can arise.

Our tax attorneys work diligently on tax strategies and plans in order to minimize problems and maximize results. Our lawyers work on plans for:

  • Transferring taxes during and after a client’s lifetime
  • Maximizing wealth
  • Preparation of estate and gift tax returns
  • Resolving audits of estate and gift tax returns

In addition, we consult with clients to help them fully understand their retirement benefits, while advising them through key strategies to maximize the benefits our clients receive via their retirement plans.

Tax Planning Includes

  • Development of Estate Plans to Maximize the use of the Estate Tax Exemption
  • Preparing Estate and Gift Tax Returns and Resolving Audits
  • Use of trusts to Maximize Wealth Transferred to the Next Generation
  • Planning With Investments and Retirement Benefits
  • Charitable Planning with Retirement Benefits
  • Planning to Minimize the Impact of Large Capital Gains

Together with our related network of experienced Certified Public Accountants, we can provide you with both the tax planning and accounting knowledge necessary to maximize the results of your planning.