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We assist clients facing the difficult circumstances of being charged with criminal offenses. We understand that someone accused of a crime is not only facing the potential of being incarcerated, but that they are also looking at a conviction that will remain on their record forever. For that reason, choosing the right attorney is critical.

Edward Mandery, a partner at MPMM, is a former prosecutor with extensive experience in criminal defense matters. As reported in the New York Post, Ed obtained an acquittal which is regarded “one of the most shocking verdicts in the city’s history.Read Ed’s biography here.

Ed has represented thousands of clients during the course of his career with charges ranging from DWI and suspended licenses, marijuana and narcotic drug offenses, violent crimes, including gun and weapons possession, robbery, burglary, sex offenses including rape and sexual assault, and murder. He has also represented clients in white collar crimes including grand larceny, corruption and Medicaid and Medicare fraud. He has tried numerous serious felony matters and has received media coverage for his defense of clients in various newsworthy matters in New York.

The secret to Ed’s success over the years is the fact that that he actually cares for his clients. Ed understands that his clients and their family members are not simply “clients”, but instead, are people who are either falsely accused or have made a mistake in judgement. His care and concern for his clients are a major contributor in the success he has in representing them. Because of his sincerity, many clients and family members seem to form a connection with Ed the first time they meet him.

In addition to his numerous trial acquittals and favorable verdicts on behalf of clients, Ed realizes that a high percentage of criminal cases are resolved without the necessity of a trial. He has a history of obtaining dismissals or very favorable plea arrangements for clients since he entered private practice in 1998. Ed’s many years of experience with the judges and prosecutors in the felony and misdemeanor jury trial arena have led to a stellar reputation. His reputation in the legal community serves his client’s interests well. Prosecutors are well aware of Mr. Mandery’s ability not only to assess and exploit the weaknesses in their case should it proceed to trial, but his ability to negotiate fair resolutions.

If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, we understand the importance of the situation and we can assist you to understand your rights and options. Please contact Edward Mandery for a free consultation by calling (516) 741-6009 or clicking on this link for further instructions.


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