Change In New York Law Cuts Off Designation Of Former Spouse As Beneficiary Of Assets On Death

Divorce or Annulment Now Revokes Any Revocable Disposition or Appointment of Property to a Former Spouse Under former law a divorce did not revoke many revocable dispositions ( “testamentary substitutes”), such as lifetime revocable trusts (including Totten Trusts), life insurance policies, or joint tenancies (including joint bank accounts). Nor did a divorce revoke a power […]

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Custody Disputes – Children’s Bill Of Rights

In our practice, we repeatedly see divorcing parents take extremely destructive, hurtful and even downright stupid actions in custody/visitation disputes. These parents, who often are hell bent on “getting even” with their spouse, sometimes do and say the most outrageous things in the name of revenge, and confuse and emotionally damage their children in the […]

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New York’s Home Equity Theft Prevention Act

New York has enacted The Home Equity Theft Prevention Act effective February 1, 2007. The Act creates two new statutory provisions: Real Property Actions & Proceedings Law Secs. 265-a and 1303, and amends Section 595-a of the Banking Law. The new law requires require written disclosure to homeowners regarding the terms of the title transfer […]

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