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Woman Facing Lifetime Imprisonment Acquitted of Murder

MPMM Law - Thursday, June 29, 2017

Ed Mandery recently obtained an acquittal for a woman accused of intentional murder in Kings County. Mr. Mandery’s client had been accused of shooting the decedent in the head and leg causing his death. She had been captured on video running from the scene while discarding a bandana allegedly worn as a mask during the shooting. The police recovered the bandana containing her DNA at the scene. Upon her arrest, the detectives obtained a statement from the defendant which placed her at the crime scene.

Ed spent countless hours defending his client who faced lifetime imprisonment. The extensive preparation and litigation proved invaluable.  Ed has previously lectured at the Bar Association and New York City Police Academy concerning proper methods in conducting suppression hearings. Taking a page from his own playbook, Ed was successful in having his client’s statement suppressed. That, coupled with his zealous cross-examination of the prosecutions witnesses’ concerning their contamination of the crime scene, failure to obtain additional evidence, and the loss of other evidence, directly led to his client’s freedom.